This website is used to sell contact details for companies that need to purchase the product they are interested in.

We offer a very wide range of products, ranging from drugs, through cosmetics, to dietary supplements.

Very simple interface and user-friendly navigation of our website allows you to easily find products you may be interested in and then, eventually, contact us in case of purchase.

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For sellers

Companies that want to sell some products (medicine, cosmetic, dietary supplement) enter it into the database for free; manually or by import. This allows potential customers to search for products using a search engine. If you have any additional questions related to adding your products to our database, please contact us.

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For buyers

People interested in buying specific products can find them by entering product name in an available search engine. If product is in the database, button 'show seller details' will appear on the right. By clicking it, the buyer proceeds to purchase a subscription, which allows the contact details of all sellers in the database to be displayed.

Free presence on a well-known platform
Ability to search for your products by customers
Support and technical assistance with adding products to the database
Easy contact regarding the purchase of selected products
Only proven and reliable producers
A very wide base of products that are not widely available
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